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Iconuu is a very ambitious project and it’s development will never and...
Nevertheless we are happy to invite you to our beta-version under

Your feedback is always welcome:

The warm-up of iconuu within the frame of GLOBALE was a great success.
Please check up our Facebook page for more details.


iconuu is a platform and a tool, working like an advanced social network. Advanced by the fact, that participants are allowed to communicate via complex visual, graphical and iconic language, using no words. Social by the fact, that it brings new tools for collaborative interaction on-line.

Within this network people communicate with a new code for an old system. The new code works as a sensual stenography to create a visual statement in a narrative format. In practice iconuu offers icons to design your communication and gives you also the possibility to create your own icons. The main aim is to put creativity before pragmatism. Ambiguous Ambiguous!

How to imagine the visual language
on iconuu

Artists and designers, who are already involved in iconuu:

César Escudero Andaluz:
Michael Bielicky:
Carla Boserman:
Ludger Brümmer:
Andoni Gómez Camara
Genís Carreras:
Tomas Fisera
Eva Franz:
Ali Gharib:
Zslot Gyarmati:
Heidi Herzig:
Hansol Huh:
Jinhee Kim:
Igor Kuzmic:
Bernd Lintermann:
Ruslana Narykhnyuk
Dan Norton:
Jan Patava
Miklos Peternak
Kamila B. Richter:
Max Riley:
Marc Sanderson
Erik Schöfer:
Betka Siruckova:
Femke Snelting:
Eike Stender:
Sticky Monster Lab:
Students of New Media Art Institute at HUST:
Adam Rafinski:
Stella Veciana:
David Wagner:

HOW TO JOIN IN iconuu:

We would like to invite artists and designers to contribute your own designed icons, to take part in the developing process of the visual language on iconuu.

Why contributing...

  • helps showing and improving your own skills.
  • gives you a free platform to reach an international audience for your art and designs.
  • opens up a greater influence on the future development of a new and exciting online tool.
  • makes you attractive for further cooperation and other partners.
  • can arise a great feeling of being helpful
  • Interested? For more information please contact

PIPES is a collaborative project of four European cultural associations.

It involves Participatory Investigation of Public Engaging Spaces of communication with highly creative and technologically innovative ambitions.

Project realization teams:
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