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PIPES is a collaborative project of four European cultural associations over three different countries. All associations are deeply involved in research and realization of contemporary art, media and technologies. For PIPES, each of them took over special fields of activity:

has an outstanding record in working with media data assets, public space, and wide audiences. They will mainly contribute to the cognitive analysis of communication symbols and – together with the artist Michael Bielicky and the programmer Axel Heide – supervise the innovation and publication of a dynamic interactive communication tool, called iconuu.

has great experience in working with emerging technologies employed by artists. They will lead all technological development and interdisciplinary interactions, especially the artistic residencies and the various events for specialist.

is a recognized space of production and promotion of technological arts. Within PIPES BCN they aim to generate a common, transversal and critical state of the art about visual interfaces focusing on three crossed perspectives: society, design and art. Therefore HANGAR will lead educational streams and supervise public manifestations and documentation as well.

is an innovation-led artistic enterprise showcasing new creative horizons. BRAINZ is responsible for spreading the word in their incomparable indescribable style.

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PIPES is a collaborative project of four European cultural associations.

It involves Participatory Investigation of Public Engaging Spaces of communication with highly creative and technologically innovative ambitions.

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